Javier Celaya

Bilbao, Spain

Javier Celaya

Bilbao, Spain


Javier Celaya, founder of Dosdoce.com.

For the last 15 years, Javier has been leading the set-up and launch in Spain and Latin America of very innovative digital platforms such as Bookwire, one the most important ebooks & audiobooks distribution platforms in the Spanish Markets; Storytel, one of the leading worldwide audiobook streaming services; and Podimo, one of the fastest growing podcasts and audiobook paid subscription service. He has hired the best talent in these markets, created powerful exclusive & original content catalogs and negotiated key commercial partnerships with strategic companies, among other tasks, to successfully launch the services of the above mentioned companies in the Spanish Markets.

Javier has also advised companies such DeMarque, RB Media, TheCopia, Slicebooks and Benetech, among others, in their international expansion strategy into the Spanish Markets (Spain, Latin America, Hispanic USA, etc.) He has also provided strategic counseling and training services to Grupo Planeta, SagaEgmont, PRH, Santillana, Telos de Fundación Telefónica, eLiburutegia-Basque Governmnet, Anuario de Cultural Digital de AC/E, Spanish Ministry of Culture, ALT Autores, Tekstum, Seebook, The Spanish Bookstage, Komilibro, among others.

Javier Celaya is founder of Dosdoce.com, a company launched in March 2004 to help the cultural & entertainment sectors understand the digital age we are living in. Throughout the years, Dosdoce.com have compiled more than 150 studies and reports on the use of new technologies in different areas of the cultural sector (content creation, business models, distribution, marketing, etc.)

Author of several books: "Shared Culture" (Ediorial Seiscuatro, 2013); "Corporate strategies in the web 2.0" (Grupo Planeta, 2012); "Business Communicaction 2.0" (BPMO Ediciones, 2007) and "Blogs in corporate communications" (BPMO Ediciones, 2006), among others.

Javier teaches Digital Publishing courses at several universities in Spain. He is the Academic Director of Digital Publishing Master at Universidad de Alcalá and teaches as a professor at the Máster de Edición de la Universidad Autónoma (UAM); Máster online en Crítica y comunicación cultural de la Universidad de Alcalá; Máster de Gestión Cultural de la Universidad Carlos III, and Máster de Edición de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Javier has been for more than 5 years Academic Director of the annual Digital Publishing Congress held in Barbastro (Huesca). He is also member of the Advisory Committee of AC/E Annual Digital Culture Report, as well as member of Fundación Telefónica's Telos Committee. He has albeen been a member of the Executive Board of the Digital Economy Association of Spain (ADIGITAL) and Head of the Institutional Relations Area at the Spanish Digital Publishing Association (ASELID).

Javier holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Columbia University in New York and Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Boston College.

Contact details:
jcelaya@dosdoce.com | +34 606 367 708

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